Latest Meta Tags Character Limits for Google – 2018

    Latest Meta Tags Character Limits for Google – 2018

    Meta tag character limits

    There are certain guidelines to be followed while creating meta tags for the pages. Google always keep changing its rules and the characters it displays in the title and description for a particular search. But this also depends on the device from which you are searching.

    Then too there are certain things that we can follow to make are search results properly get displayed in Google. Today we will know about the latest characters and pixel limits for the title and description tags.

    • Title tag:

    The title tag is the title of a particular page, which gets displayed in the searches. Currently Google displays first 50–60 characters of a title tag. As per the research by MOZ 90% of the titles, get displayed properly in the search result it they are under 60 characters.

    However, there are no exact character limit for title tag, as characters can vary which gets fitted in the display area. As for title tag, the max display area is of 600 pixels.

    So, Title tag = 50 – 60 characters or 600 pixels

    • Description Tag:

    The description tag is the description of a particular page, which gets displayed in the searches, when someone searches for a particular page. Same as for title tags, here also Google keeps changing the characters limit. As per new changes, the meta description for a page can be between 120 to 158 characters. Which if we talk in pixels comes to 920 pixels max.

    To tell more about this, the max description characters limit for desktop is of 158 characters, whereas for the mobile devices it is 120 characters.

    So, Description tag = 120 – 158 characters or 920 pixels max

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